what is techspark!?

techspark! is an innovative, open-source curriculum for teaching digital literacy and 21st century skills. Focused on engaging middle- and high-school students from low-income households, techspark! encourages teens to explore digital technology and gives them the skills to experiment — opening a world of possibility. The lessons range from basic skills development to exploring career paths. What you can expect from techspark!:

  • Curriculum guidebook for adult Coordinators and Mentors, including lesson prep
  • techspark! student workbooks, with lessons on basic digital skills and “sparks” for independent exploration
  • Progressive lessons beginning with keyboarding and computer maintenance and culminating with photo and audio editing — all accomplished using free, open-source software

Working with TECHdotMN, a group of entrepreneurial tech enthusiasts, Project for Pride in Living’s (PPL) Youth Development staff has been developing and refining techspark! over the past three years. Take a look and see for yourself!


download techspark! now

techspark! engages teens in a way we have rarely seen in our over 30 years of youth programming. By offering techspark! as free curriculum to you, we hope even more youth can develop the technology skills they’ll need—and ultimately close the digital divide.

download techsparkThe curriculum includes materials for large group and one-to-one sessions, with links to online resources you’ll gather to increase the digital skills of your youth. And since no one knows your group like you, we’ve included editable versions of these free materials here so you can customize their techspark! experience.

If you have any questions about techspark! or would like further information about how to use it in your programs, please contact us. We’re excited to join you in illuminating digital learning in our communities.

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